Rules for Writing Effective Business Letters.

Writing professional business letters with the right format is a business skill. The key is to make it simple, clear and concise, while communicating the necessary information to the recipients, in the shortest amount of time possible.  Here we specify what are some rules for writing effective business letters, which will be helpful in many situations.


Before beginning with your letter, set the proper format. Use left alignment and one inch margin. Keep the lines single spaced. Use an easy-to-read, simple font style and ensure that the font size is not less than 10 point. The most preferred format used in business letters is 12 point size, Times New Roman style.


Be clear about the purpose of writing your letter and focus what you want to achieve with the letter. If you are writing a letter to your boss, you should begin by giving a reference about the issue that you are writing and provide the information, which your boss needs. You should clearly specify the action you want your recipient to take.


You should specify the purpose, right in the first paragraph itself, so as not to waste much time of the reader. Keep the paragraph short and try to make it interesting. Specify the action plan that is the issues or objectives, which must be met, in the following paragraph. Mention what is your expectation from the recipient in the last paragraph and end by thanking him or her and providing your contact details, including phone number, email and the timings to reach you.


Use words like “sincerely” or “truly” in the closing of the letter. Proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes. Then take a print out and sign it.

Future Reference

It is better to save the business letter which you composed, in an easily accessible folder on your computer. The next time when you need to write a business letter, you can take out the most recently written letter and modify it according to the requirement. This will make it easy and saves more time.

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