Confirmation letters of encouragement

A confirmation letter of encouragement is written in response to a candidate’s request to become his /her sponsor. When a candidate asks a person to become his  /her sponsor in the catholic sacrament of confirmation, then to respond positively to his/ her request you are required to write the confirmations letters of encouragement.

With such letter, you express your heartfelt desire to be a part of the candidate’s confirmation process and such letters are a beautiful way to encourage the candidate’s decision of moving further on the path of catholic faith. Your letter to the candidate will be considered as a welcome message by the candidate for his full communion with the catholism &Catholic Church. Finding the perfect words for a confirmation letter of encouragement can be difficult, but this letter will become a special memorable gift for the candidate. Hence you must write this letter with utter care and love. The important points that can be considered while writing the Confirmation letters of encouragement are the special memories from one’s own confirmation, a special mention about the people who influenced your life positively and the facts that help you in believing in GOD & Catholism can be shared.

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